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WELCOME to the Official Site for
The Plastic Freebies The greatest Rock Band ever in the History of all time
(including the stone age)
Freebie Friends
World of Illusion

These guys are pretty good, nowhere near as hardcore as us, but hey, who is?             We've showed them how to party!


Not exactly a radio station but then neither are we, even though our website may make you think of one - there's a reason for that. R.I.P. MatLock

Ardee Concert Band

Our friends from Ardee swear by these people. We may be persuaded to swear on occasion. Who knows we may work together yet.
They're not just great,  they're humble too
Are you ready to Rock?  I said...   Are you ready to Rock?
Are you Ready to ROCK?
I can't hear you!
Darn hearin' aids!
They are the creators of excellence!  With 2 amazing Albums to their name The Plastic Freebies stand above all who Rock and still strive to be higher.

"We got here because we are loved by the legions of Rockers and Rock lovers. We are Rock's very own love child! We are the chosen Rock Child"

If you're a a newbie or a full fledged disciple of Rock, you'll enjoy the taste of the Chosen Rock Child here on the all new Official Website.

Rock has never tasted so good!